Friday, May 2, 2014


I have been using kratom for over 5 years and know everything you can imagine about kratom.  I used to be able to regularly find kratom at a local vitamin store around town until one day they pulled it from their shelves.  Kratom is legal to possess in the United States although it is not approved by the FDA for consumption.  I have had to turn to online kratom vendors over the past couple years and felt that I had to share some of my experiences with some of you. (also known as Kratora)


I used to buy my kratom online strictly from Kratora for approximately 6 months.  Kratora used to always have the best quality kratom and guaranteed free shipping for orders over $50 which mine always were.  Kratora kept me happy for a while and had a good selection.  I like to mix my kratom, so this was a great site to buy from to get bundle orders.  Unfortunately, over the past few months Kratora has been going down hill.  Kratora guarantees next day delivery and I was waiting over a week for my kratom every time I made a purchase.  That wasn't really too big of an issue to me..I don't mind waiting a couple of days for my kratom.  The primary reason why I stopped buying kratom from Kratora is because I have noticed a sharp decline of their quality of products.  Not only was I not feeling the effects I desired out of their kratom, but I was getting very sick.  As soon as I would use their kratom, my head would start spinning and I would get violently sick for hours.  I would throw up for days after I used their kratom.  Hopefully, they will get their act together soon. (Kratom Online)

kratom online

Kratom Online is an informative website on kratom that also has a wide variety of products.  They are a little more expensive than the rest of the kratom vendors, but depending on what products you buy its worth it.  I have ordered from Kratom Online hundreds of times and can tell which products to stay away from.  Kratom Online is known for their kratom leaves, but not their extracts.  Although they are more expensive it is better to pay a little more and get a decent product.  Their green vein kratom, white vein kratom, and red vein kratom products are all fairly potent and legit and in my opinion all natural.  Their kratom extracts on the other hand are not a very good quality and some sources have told me that they think chemicals may have been "enhanced" in the products.

These are a couple of kratom vendors that I have had many experiences with.  I feel the need to get out this information so that you all can find the best kratom vendor online.  If you want more information on kratom check out


I plan to continue to review every kratom vendor online.  To get up to date kratom information and to see who are the best kratom vendors follow my blog!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


My kratom vendor has been supplying premium kratom for over 5 years.  They sell kratom in many forms.  Kratom has changed my life as you will read in my other blogs and I want to get the word out.

My kratom vendor sells it in many forms including:

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules allow for easy use and quick results. Get the perfect dosage right every time with kratom capsules without any of the work.

Kratom Leaves

kratom leave

Kratom leaves can be used in a variety of ways. Kratom has an amazing taste on top of the desired side effects that it gives you.  I suggest making a nice strong brew of kratom tea.

Kratom Powder

kratom powder

Bali kratom power is great.  You can also use this powder to make kratom tea.  This can also be used in addition to another nice green herb that is a friend of mine.


Are you looking for the best kratom vendor that you can find online?

I am an experienced kratom user and want others to find out how this plant has changed my life.  I know personally how difficult it is to find a kratom vendor online that is affordable while also getting the product you ordered.  Many times I have struggled to find potent blends at an affordable price that actually deliver in a timely manner.

I want others to have the same experience that I have buying kratom online. has an abundance of information where you can find everything you would possibly want or need to know about kratom.  I have been using for all of my kratom needs over the past few months and never had a problem.

best kratom vendor

Don't struggle to find an online kratom vendor any longer.  Let Kratomia point you int he right direction.